Friday, October 25, 2013

10/25-Encore Broadcast Michael Jordan talks with Sofia Partida

Turns out that the key to a top-quality Tequila starts at the beginning.
Every ounce of Partida Tequila begins with a carefully cultivated supply of blue agave. We found ours near a dormant volcano in the Tequila Valley. Under the agave’s spiky tips lies “la piña,” Tequila’s soul.
Even with Tequila, patience is still a virtue. You cannot rush the growth of la piña – the bigger it gets, the more mature the sugars, and the more full, ripe, and flavorful it becomes. We wait 7-10 years. It’s not fast work, but it is worth the wait.
Most agave is cooked "the old fashion way," in stone ovens that are rarely cleaned. The soot that develops adds bitterness to the Tequila, not something we want to share with you. So at Partida we use only state-of-the-art stainless steel ovens to bake our agave, creating a smoother, cleaner agave taste. We even clean our ovens after each batch. Bonus!
But our 21st century skills don’t stop with cooking and cleaning: our Tequila is distilled twice under precise temperature control, yielding an excellent, non-aged Tequila. Some of which is filled by hand directly into our Partida Blanco bottles.
The rest is aged in one-pass Jack Daniel’s American Oak barrels. That’s right, we age our Tequila in barrels once used to age excellent whiskey. Why? Because those barrels make for excellent Tequila as well silly.
Our Reposado and Anejo are aged 50% more than required, and like ripe sweet apples, this aging makes for a better taste. Partida Tequila is completely natural with no additives and no coloration – the result is simply pure Tequila goodness.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

10/18-Michael Jordan visits with Heather Muran & Chris Taranto

Heather Muran - Executive Director, SLO Wine Country
Enjoy the transcendent sights, scents and flavors of this signature season as we present our annual Rockin’ Harvest Celebration, a rambunctious extravaganza of local food and wine. 
The main event is an outdoor grand tasting and auction on Saturday at Avila Beach Golf Resort, featuring wine tasting, artisan foods, live music by local indie-pop favorite,Fialta, and ocean views. The auction features a broad selection of rare wines, culinary treats and SLO Wine Country destination experiences.  Along with the array of wine and lifestyle packages, you'll have a chance to raise a paddle and support the Assistance League of SLO County and S.A.V.E. (Sexual Assault Victim Education) during the fund-a-need live auction lot.


The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance is a cooperative marketing alliance made up of Paso Robles Wine Country wineries, vineyards and related businesses. The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance is a 501c6 nonprofit organization operated under the guidance of a nine-member board of directors.

Harvest Wine Weekend  October 18 - 20, 2013
Harvest is the most colorful time of year in Paso Robles Wine Country and those in the know have long since discovered the experience that can be had while visiting wine country at its height of activity. Held the third weekend in October, wineries celebrate the beginning of the vintage by inviting you into their individual events that are as diverse as the wineries themselves. Please visit the Harvest Wine Weekend page for more information.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

10/11-Encore Broadcast Michael Jordan talks with talks with Jim Striegel & David H Bova

After working for four years as assistant winemaker at Paradigm for Heidi Barrett, one of the world’s renowned winemakers, Anne Vawter opened her winemaking consultancy with support and encouragement from Heidi, whose referrals now make up Anne’s client list. Shortly after, Anne began her own venture - Red Mare Wines.
An avid horse woman, Anne named her wine label in honor of her red mare, Paradigm, who was a bonus given to her during her time at Paradigm Winery. The inaugural release of Red Mare Cabernet Sauvignon, the 2007 vintage, sold out in just two months. In addition to her Cabernet Sauvignon, Anne also produces a Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc and will add a Sonoma Chardonnay in the 2011 vintage.
Red Mare Wines sources fruit meticulously from very small, well-respected vineyards throughout the Napa Valley, from a cool enclave of the Carneros to a hill top in Coombsville, and northward on the Valley floor in Oakville, Rutherford and St. Helena.  Our 2011 Chardonnay hails from a choice location in the famed Russian River Valley of Sonoma.  We look for vineyards with unique qualities and distinctive character that will come together in the blending process to produce layered and beautifully balanced wines.

David H. Bova is a Partner and Vice President of Pebble Ridge Vineyards and Wine Estates, a
California vineyard and winery-holding company, which owns and operates Millbrook Vineyards & Winery. Presently, Pebble Ridge Vineyards & Wine Estates owns and operates three separate winery properties: Millbrook Winery in the Hudson River Region of New York; Villa Pillo Estate in Tuscany, Italy; Williams & Selyem in the Russian River Region of California; and five separate vineyard properties - Vista Verde Vineyard on California’s Central Coast, Millbrook Vineyard, Litton Estate Vineyard and Drake Road Vineyard for Williams Selyem winery in Sonoma County, California; and Villa Pillo Estate vineyard. Mr. Bova also acts as Vice President and General Manager of Millbrook Vineyards & Winery. 
David Bova and John Dyson founded Millbrook Vineyards & Winery in Dyson's Millbrook garage in 1983. Today, Mr. Bova is responsible for the overall vineyard and winery management at Millbrook, which remains the cornerstone of the Pebble Ridge wine group. He also maintains an advisory role in the management of Williams Selyem a winery in the Sonoma County Russian River Valley. 
Like Millbrook Vineyards & Winery itself, Mr. Bova’s history with wine is rooted in John Dyson’s  viticultural experiments from the early 1980’s. Mr. Bova would visit his sister, Kathe Dyson and her family at the old dairy farm where her husband John was working on converting the land into vinifera vineyards. Every Saturday morning, Dyson would invite him to help. Mr. Bova’s hobby soon grew into a full time business. 
Dyson was able to focus on his political life while still mentoring Mr. Bova to learn the business. Mr. Bova was also maintaining his day job at an ad agency, where he gained experience with marketing through their comprehensive training program. In 1981, Dyson and Mr. Bova established their winemaking company in Dyson’s home garage and called their company “Véraison Wine Cellars” after the French viticulture term meaning "the onset of ripening or the turning point" of the grape. Dyson and Mr. Bova thought Veraison Wine Cellars would be the “turning point” for the Hudson River Valley wine industry with their dedication to vinifera based wines. With Dyson actively continuing his storied career path in the political sector, he trusted Mr. Bova to run the vineyards and winery. Mr. Bova joined Millbrook Vineyards & Winery full time in 1986. 
Mr. Bova has always been on the consumer business track. He graduated from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, with a B.A. in Business Administration in 1980, and attended Pace University in New York City for his Masters of Business Administration. Additionally, Mr. Bova worked for a trade and children’s publishing house as Vice President of Distribution and Warehousing. The back office skills he gained included guiding the transfer of the 1.2 million book inventory from the 100,000 square foot warehouse in Long Island to New Jersey without interrupting their business. Mr. Bova helped lead the New Jersey warehouse and played an integral role in contributing to the company’s success- a precedent he later paralleled at Millbrook.  M I L L B R O O K  Millbrook Vineyards & Winery • 26 Wing Road • Millbrook, NY 12545 • (845) 677-8383 Fax: (845) 677-6186 

Friday, October 4, 2013

10/4-Michael Jordan talks with Cynthia Peck & Daniel Daou

Cynthia Peck,- Owner, Angelo’s and Vinci’s – National Pizza Month

Forty-one years ago, our restaurant was built with tradition and has since continued with tradition. At our home in the old marketplace, we tribute our ancestors who came to America in the late 1800’s – their spirit and their recipes!

A little about this old building…
Originally built as an L-shaped marketplace in the days when Fullerton was an orchard (early 1900’s), the local farmers would bring their produce in from the fields by horse and wagon to sell to the townspeople. The original wood trusses of the old roof system may still be seen in the Venetian Room. Approximately twenty years later, renovation of the building changed it from its original L-shape to a square. This was accomplished by the large wood barrel trusses (an unusual truss!), which can be seen in the Sicilian Room and the Piazza Fantasia. During our renovation in 1992, the old wood, terra cotta tiles and brick was salvaged and re-used to keep alive the feeling and memories of those days long ago.

About our décor…
Be prepared when you walk into Angelo’s and Vinci’s Ristorante to be overwhelmed! With surprises in every corner, you won’t know where to look first! You will sit amidst the art of the great masters, in an Italian town square complete with the storefronts of old Italian butcher and cheese mongers, fruit and wine vendors, seamstresses showing their wares, and more. Fairy lights abound under cathedral ceilings as our ancestors smile down at you from the Family Love Altar. Explore and you will be surrounded by colorful Sicilian puppets, the carnival masks and canals of Venice, and the romance of Romeo & Juliet. Find our mystical Room of the Moon…and don’t forget King Kong, Dracula, Frankenstein, witches, ghosts and who-knows-what that await you in the Monster Wine Cellar!

And, as for Hollywood…
Founder, Steven Peck, renowned Hollywood dancer, choreographer and veteran actor of over 100 movies and television performances, has delightful photographs of over 40 years of famous stars, directors and dancers. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Gary Cooper, Robert Taylor, Broderick Crawford, Kirk Douglas, Walter Winchell, Sam Wanamaker, Vincent Minnelli, Sylvester Stallone, Ted Danson, David Hasselhof, Ray Sharkey, Shirley MacLaine, Cyd Charisse, Dolly Parton, Joan Collins, Raquel Welch, Olympia Dukakis, Shelly Winters and so many more. Films from Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., MGM, Desilu, United Artists, Universal Studios, to name a few.

Please join the DAOU Family on Sunday, October 20th at DAOU Vineyards and Winery for a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the restoration of Hoffman Mountain Ranch Winery. The historic Hoffman Mountain Ranch (HMR) and Winery was deveoped by Dr. Stanley Hoffman in the early 1970’s and has been purchased and renovated by Georges and Daniel Daou.  The restored winery will become part of the DAOU Vineyards Winery and hospitality experience. The mountain estate is located at an elevation of 2200 feet, in the Adelaida District AVA, which is known for growing outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux varietals. This most coveted land in Paso Robles’ western hills was first planted under the guidance and direction of Andre Tchelistcheff.  HMR Wines achieved critical acclaim over four decades from this mountain location.  The original Hoffman Mountain Ranch Winery is considered to be the first modern commercial winery in Paso Robles.  Brothers Georges and Daniel Daou founded DAOU Winery 8 years ago, built their winery, and planted the mountain with mostly Bordeaux grape varieties.  In 2012, Daniel and Georges purchased the remaining 112 acres of Hoffman Ranch, and immediately began restoring the half century old redwood winery. As history repeats itself, Daniel and George are now receiving acclaim for their wines produced from this special vineyard and winery site.The historic cellar is now in use just in time for the 2013 harvest.  Please come and visit and help us celebrate the rebirth of this special location. Ribbon cutting ceremony begins, Sunday, October 20th at 10:00 AM