Friday, September 20, 2013

9/20-Michael Jordan talks with Larry Van Aalst & Mark Coleman

Larry Van Aalst - Sommelier, Equus Restaurant & Host What's Cookin on Wine: The Sonoma Wine Report
Larry Van Aalst is the Sommelier at the beautiful Equus Restaurant and hosts the "What's Cookin on Wine: The Sonoma Wine Report" live from our studios at the Fountain Grove Inn.

Mark Coleman - Area Sales Manager, Nomacorc
Mark Coleman joined Nomacorc in 2010 and is currently the area sales manager for the Americas. Mark is tasked with both continuing the strong growth and success of the North American market as well as managing Nomacorc’s presence in Latin America. Mark brings more than 16 years of international experience to the Nomacorc sales team. He began his  professional career as a NASD licensed investment securities advisor in San Francisco, California and eventually moved into the wine industry 
where he helped launch a natural cork distribution company with an 
Italian supplier. Most recently, Mark served as the director of global 
business development at Neocork Technologies. Married with 2 children, Mark enjoys quality family time, travel and recreational sports. He currently resides in Sonoma, California. 

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