Thursday, April 11, 2013

4/12-Michael Jordan talks with David Hunt & Mia Martinez

David Hunt - Hunt Cellars

It started over 20 years ago as a fantasy: living on a lush beautiful vineyard, producing your own style of favorite premium varietal wines that are well received and appreciated by those who have discovered the wines and shared them amongst friends.
Now, drive along the scenic Highway 46 West, about three miles west of the 101 Fwy at Oakdale Road, you will find this dream has become reality for David Hunt, Winemaker and owner of Hunt Cellars, a winery committed to producing “Memorable Wines”. We believe that great wines leave indelible impressions when poured with wonderful meals and great friends and scintillating conversations. Hunt Cellars was founded on the philosophy of producing wines that you will look forward to simply sipping by a cozy fireplace or pairing with your favorite meals to enhance that special event or moment in time.
When The Hunt Family decided to pursue their dream they were uncertain where they would choose to build their vineyard. The Hunts spent exhaustive days and weekends traveling to various premium wine regions from Oregon, Washington, and throughout the State of California. They finally narrowed their decision down to the Central coast to San Luis Obispo County. Paso Robles was selected because of its rich diversity in soils, superb growing climate and unique styles of wine making along with the spirit of graciousness and traditional American values.

Mia Martinez - PaQui Tequila

PaQui Tequila is made by Tequila lovers for Tequila lovers. It combines the most flavorful and drinkable characteristics of any Tequila we know. It has a distinct agave flavor that encompasses a variety of complex and extremely pleasing notes that dance on the palate. Like the finest of wines, PaQui Tequila has a beautiful spectrum of flavors that emer
ge throughout the entire tasting experience. Remarkably, given all the full bodied flavor, PaQui Tequila has one of the smoothest and cleanest finishes that we have ever tasted in any Tequila, at any price.

PaQui Tequila is the only Tequila made with our own process of "Selective Distillation". We actually separate the heart of the distillation into many different components as it is being distilled off the pot still. Our Master Distiller then analyzes each component for superior taste, aroma, and smoothness, and only uses the components that will produce the most superior Tequila, while discarding the rest. This is a very expensive and time consuming process, but it is one that we feel any knowledgeable and enthusiastic Tequila lover will appreciate!

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