Friday, January 4, 2013

1/04-Michael Jordan talks with Matthew Sharp & John Salisbury

Matthew Sharp - Director of National Business Development Domaine Select Wine Estates
Throughout history wine and spirits have continually been recognized as an expression of culture, art and science. They have been of major significance for certain religions and have served as an important component of daily life, even before the time of the Roman Empire. For us today they are increasingly appreciated on many different levels.

Wine and spirits elevates our experience with the meal, while at the same time increasing our awareness of the sheer beauty and simplicity of the Earth. Wine and spirits allow us to experience a vast array of aromas, textures and flavors, exercising our senses and ultimately allowing us greater pleasure during the meal.

In their most rewarding form, wine and spirits become a way of life.

DSWE was founded to represent wines and specialized spirits from around the world of the highest quality and which express tremendous character, particular to their origin. DSWE is dedicated to building partnerships of trust and responsibility with producers by fully transmitting the passion, personality and individuality of their products. Expression, Diversity, Character and Tradition are tenets of DSWE and of the wines and spirits proudly represented.

John Salisbury - Founder & Farmer, Salisbury Vineyards
Join our family at Salisbury Vineyards to taste our luscious Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, AlbariƱo and other varietals grown in the maritime climate of Avila Valley by John Salisbury. Then sip through our highly regarded Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, also family grown in Paso Robles. All wines are crafted by the legendary Harold Osborne. The tasting room is a 105-year-old schoolhouse in Avila Valley, located off the frontage road at Hwy 101, and is just two miles from the beaches of Avila and Pismo. Guests can enjoy Salisbury Vineyards wines while they peruse Salisbury Fine Art gallery, and then picnic with friends on the patio.  Our family and staff warmly welcome you.  

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