Friday, November 30, 2012

11/30-Michael Jordan visits with Steve Autry

Steve Autry - Winemaker, Autry Cellars
In 1983 Steve Autry had a wine epiphany while drinking a Zinfandel. He had no idea that wine could be that spectacular and said, “Someday I want to make a wine like that!”
A bass player in jazz and rock bands, with past careers in aerospace research and commercial beekeeping, Steve combined his artistic talent with his scientific knowledge and became a full time artisan winemaker in 2001.
Autry’s award winning wines are indeed spectacular. Autry Cellars very limited production allows him to meticulously care for each wine as if it were his own child. As they are released into the world each year, adopt them while you can and drink to the epiphany of 1983. 

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