Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25-Michael Jordan visits with Neil McNally & Voice of Karlsson Vodka

Neil McNally - Rosenthal Estate Wines

Yes, wine in Malibu. The grapes for our wines are grown not on the famous beach, playground to the stars and surfers' Mecca, but in a scenic valley four miles inland and 1400 feet above the coastal fog. In 1987 Los Angeles businessman George Rosenthal began planting vineyards at his 250 acre Malibu retreat, but only after he spent two years carefully checking soil composition, drainage, and weather conditions to make sure he planted the correct varietals in the most ideal locations on his property. The work proved worthwhile and Malibu Newton Canyon is now recognized as its own distinct AVA (American Viticultural Area) or appellation. Thirty-two acres of hillside vines are now planted in this unique microclimate, where cool evening breezes temper warm, sunny days.
It's an intense undertaking that requires a labor of love. The slopes are steep and everything from canopy management to harvest has to be attended to by hand. The wines are then aged in French oak barrels under the watchful eye of winemaker Christian Roguenant who strives to bring out their unique character. The reds are vinified with limited intervention to highlight terroir and the Chardonnay is made in a Burgundian style yielding a lightly oaked, crisp wine that complements a wide array of foods.
We invite you to visit us at our Malibu Wine Tasting Room that boasts views of the Pacific Ocean and is an amazing location to relax and enjoy the sunset while sipping a glass of your favorite Rosenthal – The Malibu Estate or Surfrider wine. We are located on the Pacific Coast Highway, just 300 yards north of Topanga Canyon and across the street from the gorgeous and inviting Topanga State Beach. We hope to see you there soon where you can enjoy a bottle of wine and taste the flavors of Malibu for yourself.

Karlsson’s Gold is hand-made from a blend of seven varieties ofvirgin potatoes from the exclusive Cape Bjäre in the south of Sweden. It is meticulously distilled once, in an unfiltered process that conserves the inherent characteristics of the unique ingredients, producing a revolutionary concept – a vodka with natural taste. Savor it neat, on the rocks, or in a Martini. Or see how this connoisseur’s vodka will transform your favorite cocktails by adding taste.
Developed by the Master Blender Börje Karlsson, it took over three years to transfer the ingredient properties of the virgin potatoes of Cape Bjäre, into a vodka he would sign his name to. The result is an small batch handcrafted vodka, with outstanding character and something truly unique – a natural vodka with taste.

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