Friday, May 18, 2012

5/18-Encore Broadcast Michael Jordan visits with Gary Franscioni & (Nebil) Bilo Zarif

Gary Franscioni - Proprietor, Roar Wines
We are a family winery specializing in small lots of Santa Lucia Highland's Pinot Noir, Syrah and beginning in the summer of 2009, Chardonnay. Our roots in the Santa Lucia Highlands are quite deep. Both Gary and Rosella grew up in California's agricultural heartland where Gary’s family has farmed for over 100 years. After graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in agribusiness, Gary took over the running of the family farm business, which owned and managed over 200 acres of row crops in the Salinas Valley. Recognizing the region's potential for premium wine grapes, we planted Rosella's Vineyard in 1996. We also co-own and manage the Garys' Vineyard with Gary Pisoni of Pisoni Vineyard.

Both vineyards have developed a reputation among high-end wineries for low yields of intensely flavored grapes. In 2007 and 2008, we planted two new vineyards; our own "high altitude" Sierra Mar Vineyard, which is located six miles south of Garys' Vineyard at 1000 ft elevation; and the Soberanes Vineyard, just south of Garys' Vineyard, which we are developing in partnership with the Pisoni family. After working with several wineries to develop the pedigree of the vineyards and the region, we decided in 2001 to make our wine. As third generation growers, our goal with ROAR Wines is to make small lots of wine that are a pure reflection of the Santa Lucia Highlands and in particular the signature flavors of our vines. The name ROAR comes from the sound of the Monterey Bay winds that roar through our vineyards as well as the thrilling sound of a roaring crowd.
We hope you enjoy our wines and thank you for your support and for spreading the word about ROAR Wines to your family and friends.
Gary & Rosella Franscioni.

(Nebil) Bilo Zarif - Owner Summerland Winery

Like many children raised in Iskenderun Turkey, Nebil “Bilo” Zarif’s introduction to fine wine began at a young age. It became a lifelong education that has developed into a way of living. His passion for fine and rare wines began in France where he was introduced to the regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone Valley while studying in Paris.

Later when Zarif would come to settle in the states he directed his wine interests towards the prestigious wineries of Napa. During a visit to Napa Valley and the Robert Mondavi's Winery in 1984, Zarif had purchased several reserve wines for his collection. In 1994, Zarif acquired 300 acres of land in the Cuyama Valley, a serene high elevation region of Santa Barbara County. Over the course of seven years he would expand Barnwood Vineyards to encompass more than 2,000 acres with 800 acres planted to vine. It was during this same period that Zarif’s passion for wine would lead him to acquire the renowned Maison Deutz winery in San Luis Obispo County with a partner he had met in the energy industry. Together they expanded this property to approximately 800 acres of mostly Pinot Noir planted ahead of the pinot craze and raised the stature of their Pinot Noir bearing the name Laetitia Vineyard & Winery.

In 2001 Zarif sold his interests in Barnwood/ Laetitia to pursue new and exciting possibilities, most notably Summerland Winery. Drawing upon years of experience in the region, Summerland is dedicated to offering the best of the wine producing areas spanning from Santa Barbara to Monterey.

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