Friday, September 30, 2011

9/30-Michael Jordan Hosts Live from the LA County Fair

Live Broadcast from the LA County Fair

Wine & Spirits Marketplace at the L.A. County Fair

Taste the award-winning wines, spirits and olive oils from the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits and Extra Virgin Olive Oil competitions. Wine or food classes are taught by some of the best experts and chefs in the state. There’s also shopping and light dining for the gourmand in all of us.

Gourmet School
Classes and seminars in wine, spirits and olive oil are offered through the Fair’s wine education program. Topics include chocolate and wine pairing and wines of the Sonoma Valley. Each wine class features a minimum of six wines and each participant receives a ticket for a taste of a gold medal winner at the International Tasting Bar. The cost to participate is $17 per class. Try one of Chef Henry Gonzalez's of Spaggi's Restaurant seminars. Classes extremely popular and fill up quickly. Click here for a list of seminars. Over 3,100 wines, 214 spirits and more than 600 olive oils were entered into the prestigious competitions. Now it’s your turn to choose your favorite.

Guests can also enjoy beer sampling at the Beer Tavern serving winning brews from the Fair’s commercial beer competition. Enjoy your brewski with some pretzels and watch sports on the big screen.

Shop Around
The Crushed Grape offers everything from award-winning wines, olive oils and cheeses to the finest in gourmet kitchen, wine and olive oil accessories.

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