Thursday, November 4, 2010

11/5-Nelson Tucker, Michael Browne

Nelson Tucker - The Wine Guy
We review various wines and make objective conclusions as to the qualities of the wines on the date tasted. If a wine is not suitable for a positive review (minimum of 80 on a 100 point scale), we do not publish the results. An old saying applies, "If you cannot say something nice, don't say it at all." Wines reviewed on this site have met our criteria as wines that are palatable and worthy of purchase and consumption. You will rarely see a 100 rating. However, a rating or 89+ is considered exceptional and highly recommended. Our ratings and reviews are
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Kosta Browne began as a dream shared by Dan Kosta and Michael Browne. In the summer of 1997, while working at J
ohn Ash & Co. restaurant in Santa Rosa, California, Dan and Michael decided to venture into winemaking. They saved tip money for two months and eventually had enough to buy a half ton of Pinot Noir, a used barrel and an old hand-crank stemmer-crusher, a purchase that marks the beginning of Kosta Browne. Since that vintage, they have nurtured relationships with the best growers and honed their winemaking skills, making sure to focus on the vision and values with which they began.

In 2001, Dan and Michael partnered with Chris Costello and his family, who collectively provided the business experience and relationships that gave Kosta Browne the necessary resources to grow. Chris was able to craft a business plan that conveyed the appeal of the Kosta Browne story and sensibly described its future, helping to convince many wary family members and friends that investing in the vision would be worth it.

Today, Dan, Michael and Chris work very closely to maintain the quality and consistency of the entire Kosta Browne experience.

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